KS Builders


  • Please do not allow children to operate & use the lift without adult supervision.
  • Please do not allow children to use terrace without an adult company.
  • Park car & two wheelers in the earmarked slots to avoid inconvenience to other occupants.
  • Driveways are not to be used as parking area.
  • Adult supervision essential when children use the play equipment etc
  • Ensure unnecessary entry to the STPL, transformers, motor rooms, sumps, EB main board, Genset equipment.etc.
  • Please use the garbage bins to keep the common areas clean.
  • Ensure a green environment plant more trees and plants.
  • Avoid usage of plastics to protect environment.
  • Do not use of parking slots to store household items.
  • Parking slots are to be kept clean by cleaning leakages of lubricants etc.
  • Ensure all the vehicles are kept locked to avoid theft.
  • Extending your co-operation in all matters of the complex ensures a happy, enjoyable, peaceful and a harmonious community living.