KS Builders


  • Periodical cleaning of the wood work ensures the durability of the interiors.
  • Smooth handling of the wardrobes, drawers, cupboards, handles etc, shall ensures longer life of the same.
  • Melamine finish can be dusted everyday to maintain its elegance.
  • Laminate finish can be dusted and wiped with a wet cloth to keep it stain free.
  • Periodical lubrication of the hinges ensures smooth functioning of the cupboards.
  • Replace handles & locks if broken to maintain aesthetics and smooth functioning.
  • To ensure proper closing of the wardrobes, please ensure all the tower bolts in the shutters are locked properly.
  • Re-painting the house once in three years will add a new look to the house.
  • Use pest control measures to ensure long durability of the wood work.
  • Overloading the wardrobes may result in improper closing of the shutters.