Mr. A.V.KRISHNAMOORTHY the Founder and Mr.K.Sridhar is the Managing Director and hence, the name of the Construction company emerged as of K.S.BUILDERS He has been exceptionally professional in building quality homes with years of experience and service, have always strived to provide world class infrastructure and housing projects ever since its inception.

Our journey from a small group of like minded individuals to being one of the best names in the villa projects sector in CHENNAI was a story of struggle and hard work. we understand the importance of paying attention to even minute details and focus on quality. We believe in building relationships, rather than mere buildings. The result will be your utmost satisfaction and trust which we can take pride in.

We dedicate ourself for customer satisfaction with sharp focus on quality, value, pricing and strict adherence to the values we uphold. We are sure that it will pay us rich rewards, not just for the organization but for all the stakeholders and the very people we are interacting with. We reiterate our commitment to pursue innovation, continuous product improvement and customer orientation.



At K.S.BUILDERS, we are into the mission of creating places and homes for people to live in. We are a highly popular and distinguished player among real estate developers and builders in Chennai. Convenient real estate communities and comfortable independent houses are the true hallmarks of modern civilization. Our business is to fulfill the most basic requirement of your life in a sophisticated way, thereby giving way to the flourishing of ultra modern civilization.

K.S.BUILDERS is a popular name in Chennai, especially in the western suburbs of the metropolitan, including Porur, Iyyappanthangal, Kattupakkam, and Mangadu. We have our prestigious real estate and housing project offerings in all these localities and some others. We create and market a variety of layouts for communities; we build and promote diversified kinds of flats, villas and independent houses. Thus, we are a one stop solution for all your property and housing needs. The wide portfolio of our offerings means we have something for everybody. We cater to the needs of every taste, requirement and budget. The suite of our projects presents a baffling variety of choices for you to make your pick.

There are a set of factors that set us apart in the real estate industry. We implement a highly professional working system; we place the customer interest at the forefront in choosing the location and designing the layouts and buildings; we are highly transparent and trustworthy in our dealings and relationship with our customers;

we provide a suite of after sale services and find us in a long term relationship with our valued clients; we render a fully handheld assistance to our customers through buying the property and building their homes. we implement every measure to see that that our units are priced at highly reasonable rates and give you more value than your investment.

When you are with K.S.BUILDERS, you are with the most preferred and trusted real estate firm that really cares to fulfill the best of your interests. We have a proud and consistent track record of surpassing our customers’ expectations. Our wide customer base is a testimony to attest our long standing commitment to the community. There we stand apart from the rest of the players. In partnering with us for your housing needs, you have made the best decision in your life and we are just waiting to prove this to you and others. Welcome to be a part of our growing family.


We understand that looks are important in this modern age which appreciates beauty and that is true of the homes we build. A beautiful look is as crucial to home construction as quality or pricing.

We build dream homes that exude visual appeal in a way that it attracts any onlooker instantly eliciting the ‘wow’ response. We see to it that the homes we construct fulfill not only the utility value but also aesthetic appeal.

For us building a home is a work of art that sends out positive and lively vibrations wherein you feel a sense of belonging that beckons, enthralls and captivates you. We feel strongly that mere creation of residential space between walls and roof is incomplete without the aesthetics to go with it.

Though Indian economy is booming, there are inflationary trends that necessitate prudent spending whether you run a family or building a home.

In these difficult economic times, it pays to be cost conscious. We understand your difficulties and so we focus on affordable pricing when we help you build your dream home.

We build homes at cheaper rates without compromising on quality by reducing our profit margin to the minimum. This is good for our business because this policy brings in more business as we are less costly than our competitors.

Though our profit margin is less, it is compensated by the large volume of sales that accrue by being cheaper than others.

As a leading real estate construction company in Chennai, we choose our site location with care. Before choosing a site either for building your home or for flats construction or for housing development we consider the following factors.

  • Is the site location safe to live in or is it a crime prone area?
  • Is it natural disaster prone area such as floods and earth quake?
  • Does it have well connected roads?
  • Does it have bus facility, train facility and other infrastructures?
  • Does it have access to good shops that sell household items?
  • Are educational, hospital and entertainment facilities available nearby?
  • Does it suffer from any pollution hazards?
  • How friendly is the location for children, women and the elderly?
  • Is it favorable for property value appreciation in the near future?

Our construction sites are chosen after careful and thorough analyzing afore said factors because we understand that a house is a long term investment.

Our construction company is well known for honoring the time schedule. In our long association with our esteemed customers, we have never even once violated the time schedule.

We strictly stick to our time schedule because any violation of construction time plan can lead to cost escalation which is no good either for us or for our clients.

Whenever we start a housing project, we plan our time schedule in such a way that the work is finished within the scheduled time frame sometimes even days in advance. This is one of the reasons why customers flock to us.

Above all we provide excellent customer service to those who come to us with the dream of owning their home. We appreciate the fact that without the patronage of our customers we will be nowhere

We value and respect our customers who are ready to trust us with their hard earned life time savings and as a token of our appreciation, we strive to over deliver beyond their expectations through our fantastic customer service that builds relationships along with business.

K.S.Builders as one of the trusted real estate companies invites all those who dream of building a home in Chennai to avail our excellent building expertise. Come, let us work together to build the home of your dreams.